This old Indiana lure was manufactured in the 1930s by T&M Darby or M.L. Darby. The boxes are printed with T&M Darby, but the advertisements refer to M.L. Darby.

The hooks on this hoosier made fishing lure rotate and can be "set" into 2 small holes in the body of the lure. When a fish grabs the lure and pushes down on the 2 metal weed guards, a spring is activated, causing the hooks to spring out of the body! This antique fishing lure is highly collectible.

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Darby Spinhead Weedless Lure

Hayes Go-Getter

This old wood fishing lure manufactured by the Hayes Bait Company of Indianapolis, Indiana features interchangeable hook/fly attachments. All printed references feature the red/white version shown below, but this green scale version on the far left (with the scooped out area by the head) has to be another variation made by the same company.

This antique fishing lure was made by the Hayes company, but distributed by the Hildebrandt Company of Logansport, Indiana.


Tippacanoe Bait Company

In 1924 Oliver Green invented the Tippacanoe lure in Michigan City, Indiana. This 3 1/4 inch wood lure has slanted ends which make it look similar to a canoe when turned on its back.

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Sobecki Pollywog Wiggler

Patended in 1929, this 3 5/8" wood lure from South Bend, Indiana has cup and screw eye hardware. Anthony Sobecki invented this vintage wood lure.

Winchester Bait & Manufacturing Company

There were 12 baits made by O.L. Williams from a lathe in his home in Muncie, Indiana. The Winchester Bait & Manufacturing Company lures were marketed by his father-in-law in Winchester, Indiana. The old wood lure to the right is called a "Diving Beauty".


Roy Kimble & Sons Bait Company Ole Krok

This 1940s antique wood lure from South Bend Indiana has a weight in the tail that causes it to stand vertically in the water. The lure, called an Ole Krok, was manufactured by Roy L. Kimble & Sons Bait Co.

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Go-Ite Manufacturing

The Go-Ite metal lure was produced in Kokomo, Indiana. At one time the lure was also made in Michigan.


Sun Spot Spoon

The Sun Spot spoon was independently made in Elkhart, Indiana and it was also made later by the South Bend Bait Company.

B-W Spinner

The 3" wood B-W Spinner was produced by the Bill Watters Bait Company in Jasonville, Indiana.

Indiana Fishing Lures