The Bite-Em Bate Company or Bite-Em Bait Company made wooden fishing lures beginning around 1917. This small lure company started in Warsaw, Indiana then later moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The Bite-Em Bate Company made the following old fishing lures in Indiana: Bite-Em Revolving Bait, Lipped Wiggler, Water Mole, Wiggler, Floater Minnow, Bass Enticer and the Bite-em Bug.

The first Bite-Em Bait patent was granted in 1922 to Claude Rodgers and Arthur Wenger of the Bite-Em Bate Company. Some people believe the company became the Wenger Manufacturing company sometime in the 1920s.

Old Fishing Lure Bite 'Em Bait Bite 'em Lure Antique Fishing Lure Old Indiana Lure Vintage Fishing Lure
Revolving Bait
Bite-Em Bug
Bite-Em Wiggler
Lipped Wiggler
Smaller Lipped Wiggler
Water Mole
Revolving Bait
Indiana Fishing Lure
The old wood Revolving Baits came in 7 different colors
Bite-Em Bate Company
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